"Ted and Robin were meant to be tog-"


"The Blue French Horn was such a swe-"


"Robin has always loved Ted, even when she rej-"


"The finale provided closure and—"


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"sleep is for the weak" u say. well ur right. i am a weak little baby and i need sleep

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probably my fav game of thrones cap ever

I was starting to feel super bummed out cause I had a few interviews this week and never heard back from any of the stores and I really really really wanted a job lined up before classes started. I had my last interview today with the O’Connell Center and BAM, an hour later I check my email and I got offered a position! So now I’m super relieved because yay financial stability and super excited because I’ll be getting paid to learn some great hands on technical stuff!
I need to go sleep now cause classes start tomorrow. Boo.

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I just want someone who won’t get annoyed when I text them six times or in all caps. Someone I can go on long drives with and can sing along to the radio with. Someone I can eat pizza with at 2am and kiss at 6pm. Someone who chooses me everyday and never thinks twice about it. (via kissnecks)

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You’re A Hazard, Harry